Goldentyre GT-823KH Premium Adv Tyre 90/90-21

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Goldentyre GT-823KH 90/90-21 Tyre handles brilliantly and quietly on tarmac but is also capable of tackling off-road terrain. The large block style pattern offers a large contact area for tyre longevity, while still having adequate block spacing to provide off-road performance.

Features of the Goldentyre GT-823KH 90/90-21 Tyre

  • Front and rear tire homologated FIM born to the big rally raid.
  • Specially designed and developed, provides excellent traction in all ground conditions.
  • The polygonal blocks set the arrow on the shoulder, they offer an exceptional acceleration and traction when cornering.
  • The carcass and the compound have been designed to withstand the severe stresses of the competitions of the great classics African rallies.

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Goldentyre has the best tyre technology on the market!

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