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Coast Knife DX330

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A grip-textured aluminium handle not only makes the DX330 Knife easy to hold but it also gives it incredible strength and durability. Utilizing our Double Lock technology anyone can work with confidence knowing that the added safety prevents the knife from accidentally closing. It easily opens with one hand using thumb studs on the blade and you can always take it with you because of its deep-carry pocket clip. For added safety the DX330 comes equipped with a seat belt cutter and a glass breaker.


Lock Type: Double Back
Steel Type: 7CR17
Blade Length: 8.3cm
Overall Length: 20.6cm
Length Closed: 12.2cm
Weight: 119 gram


  • The blade mounted Thumb studs are provided on each side of blade for one handed opening.
  • Recessed blade cuts through tough seat belt material. Crucial feature for emergency exits from your vehicle.
  • Sharp point breaks auto glass with ease. Crucial feature for emergency exits from your vehicle.

Patented Double Lock safety switch mechanism works in conjunction with a primary Liner-Lock to prevent disengagement. The Double Lock System works with the knife's Liner-Lock to not just make it safe but double safe. When the blade is opened the Liner-Lock automatically engages and locks the blade open but when extremely rugged cutting is anticipated the user can push the Double Lock switch forward.

When in the forward position the switch blocks the Liner-Lock from disengaging and thereby preventing the blade from closing on your hand. The safety detent-action is adjustable to your desired tension with a screw on the side of the knife. To operate simply open the blade and push the switch atop the knife forward to engage the Double Lock and pull back to disengage. The knives still have a Liner-Lock to disengage as well to close the blade.

The Coast Lockback system provides an integrated lock mechanism on the back of the knife. The spring is easy to access and easy to open and close. To operate simply open the blade all the way and the Lockback will automatically engage. To close find the metal tab on top of the handle and push in towards the handle and then push the blade back into the handle.

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