AXP Racing Yamaha T700 Skid Plate (Black) 2019/ 2021

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The AXP Racing skid plate is fitted directly on to the 4 OEM mounts on the frame. An added portion at the rear reinforces the strength of the skid plate and protects the exhaust in the event of a big impact. This combo offers a secure and strong fit without any risk for your engine or cases.

The AX1564 offers complete protection of your water pump, side stand sensor and cases, along with a linkage guard which manages to remain flexible and strong at the same time.

Made for an extreme use, the AXP Racing skid plates offer the maximum of protection needed for your bike.

Frame entirely covered, linkage and engine cases protection, they also provide a water pump protection on the 4 strokes models. Made of 8mm High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) plastic, they are cut from one piece and welded on in the inside for better resistance. No vibrations, no deformation, lightweight and durable, the polyethylene is the perfect option compared to alloy or carbon!



  • Thick 8mm HDPE Material is incredibly tough and protective
  • Design protects Engine and Lower Fuel Tank
  • Much lighter than Aluminum Plates
  • Slides off obstacles
  • Resilient HDPE material flexes instead of denting and distorting
  • Includes Debris Shield
  • All necessary mounting hardware included
  • WEIGHT: 2.35 Kg
  • COLOUR: Black


PLEASE NOTE: This skid plate will fit with the centre stand with a small modification to the plate, the section protecting the side stand sensor needs to be removed to allow the centre stand to swing up.