Klim Arctic Balaclava

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The Arctic Balaclava is specifically designed for the coldest riding conditions on Earth. This is one Balaclava that can take it all.

From the base, the Arctic Balaclava brings a massive ultra-wide skirt to ensure it stays put. Add in full Windstopper® frontal attack with Klim's variable fleece backer thickness around eyes (to enhance fit and reduce restriction), full neoprene nose piece/breath deflector, lycra stretch back, conformed neck fit, and super stretchy fleece over the head.


  • Specifically designed for the coldest conditions/harshest elements
  • The ultra-wide skirt provides max wind protection and stays tucked in
  • Heavy fleece windstoper® main body construction
  • Compact fleece windstoper® eye-port construction
  • Neoprene nose piece/breath deflector
  • Super stretch head fleece-lycra stretch back to fit different head shapes/sizes
  • Gathered stretch side-of-neck keeps it secure